KuCoin Community Chain Comes to Cross Mint Beta

Ethereum, KCC, HECO, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain Now Supported!

Hot Cross is proud to announce that we have successfully deployed mainnet support for KuCoin Community Chain to Cross Mint Beta, a multi-chain 721/1155 NFT minter that allows creators and hobbyists to mint their creations on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, HECO, and now KCC.

🔗 Quick Links: If you are itching to get started, then hop right into the following links:

  1. Try the minter at http://mint.hotcross.com/

  2. Give us feedback on the minter at https://feedback.hotcross.com/mint

  3. View our Genesis Polygon 721 NFT mint here: https://hotcross.link/CM721-MATIC

  4. View our Genesis Polygon 1155 NFT mint here: https://hotcross.link/CM1155-MATIC

  5. View our Genesis Ethereum 721 NFT mint here: https://hotcross.link/CM721-ETH

  6. View our Genesis Ethereum 1155 NFT mint here: https://hotcross.link/CM1155-ETH

  7. View our Genesis Binance Smart Chain 721 NFT mint here: https://hotcross.link/CM721-BSC

  8. View our Genesis Binance Smart Chain 1155 NFT mint here: https://hotcross.link/CM1155-BSC

  9. We are working towards getting our 721 and 1155 canonical NFTS integrated into HECO, and in the meantime, the Genesis mint on Huobi Eco Chain for 721 can be seen at https://hotcross.link/CM721-HECO. You can also view the Genesis mint on Huobi Eco Chain for 1155 at https://hotcross.link/CM1155-HECO

  10. We are working towards getting our 721 and 1155 canonical NFTS integrated into KCC, and in the meantime, the Genesis mint on KuCoin Community Chain for 721 can be seen at https://hotcross.link/CM721-KCC. You can also view the Genesis mint on KuCoin Community Chain for 1155 at https://hotcross.link/CM1155-KCC

  11. View our fee collector demonstration on ETH, BSC, Polygon, HECO, and KCC at the same address. (BSC, Polygon, ETH, HECO, KCC)

  12. If you know anything about us, you’ll know that being an early adopter to a new chain on Cross Mint usually comes with its own benefits.

🔥 What makes this so interesting to us as an infrastructure project is that the NFT minter itself is designed with various components in mind which we have of course documented quite extensively above. This includes:

  1. Creators having the full ability to take their NFTs to other platforms easily;

  2. The Hot Cross platform benefiting from wide adoption via a fee structure in the mint;

  3. Support for 5 chains and 2 NFT standards currently, with more to come;

  4. No reliance on a view layer to operate beautifully (that said, a view layer is coming);

  5. Support for images, GIFs, audio, and video;

  6. And a clear road to an SDK and API that other parties can integrate into their own products.

🦺 Is this safe? Absolutely. Cross Mint itself has undergone audits from some of the best firms in the industry including SlowMist, Beosin, and Omniscia. Give this a try! The first step in our journey to becoming a full-fledged NFT infrastructure layer has only just begun!

Ongoing Work at Hot Cross

🙏🏽 Tell a friend about @hotcross and @hotcrossann. It would really mean the world to us. We have been building since last year, but we work like it's still the beginning!

About Hot Cross

Hot Cross is an extensive multi-chain and cross-chain tool suite that enables blockchain teams and their communities to thrive. At its core, Hot Cross aims to be the best toolbox for ETH and EVM networks. Their development philosophy is agile, and they are a cohort of builders who aggressively seek out opportunities to meet the demands of the now for both B2B and B2C. The core thesis that Hot Cross presents is that users and teams will migrate in part to new networks that feel familiar when presented with sufficient tooling and freedom. Hot Cross is a company and an ecosystem in and of itself, and our goals are towards allowing communities to flourish using our technologies, whether or not they know we are the ones building them.

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